Referral to The Croft

Reasons for referral

Children are typically referred to the Croft for one of the following reasons:

• Assessment of children with complex presentations – e.g. co-morbid physical disorders, complex psychosocial situations, etc. - where outpatient assessment has proved inconclusive or additional information is required.

• Children requiring specialised treatments under close observation - e.g. medication or behavioural modification.

• Children requiring assessment or treatment away from the home environment - e.g. psychosomatic disorders.

• Children with severe mental health problems associated with significant risk or where their illness is significantly affecting their development - e.g. children with eating disorders who are physically compromised, or children with depression leading to social withdrawal and lack of access to education.

• Children who need intensive mental health support for rehabilitation

Who can refer

The Croft accepts referrals from:

• Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) teams (referrals need to be supported by team consultant psychiatrist)

• Paediatric teams

• Social workers, subject to funding

• Professionals and parents are welcome to contact us to discuss our services and how to access us.