The Croft Programme

Children take part in a wide range of activities during the week at the Croft, either in groups or on their own. As well as school and life and social skills sessions there are art, music, health, welfare and recreation groups, and time for play.

On Monday to Thursday mornings and afternoons during term time, the programme is as follows:

8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am Morning meeting
9.15 am Short playtime
9.30 am School
10.45 am Break
11.15 am School (replaced by Music Group on Wednesdays)
12.30 pm Lunch
1.00 pm Lunch break
1.45 pm Group activities: Art (Monday), Life skills (Tuesday), Social skills (Wednesday), Recreation (Thursday)
3.00 pm Review of the day (Monday-Wednesday), Review of the week (Thursday)

On Wednesdays there is group music and individual sessions for the children.

The review session in the afternoon gives the child an opportunity to talk about how their day or week has been and to discuss how things can be made better as necessary.

After the review session children stay with their parents or carers and plan what they want to do up until bedtime.

On Fridays the day is shorter as the children go home for the weekend at 11.00 am.

8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 - 10.45am  School
11.00 am  Home time

Parents’ and Carers’ Programme

There are a variety of meetings which take place each week, which include:-

  • Weekend feedback
  • Housekeeping
  • Practical parenting
  • Mellow parenting
  • Mindfulness
  • Coffee Group
  • Family Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Doctors
  • Child Psychotherapy/Counselling

  • A timetable will be provided each week to advise the timing of meetings. These sessions are flexible and may be subject to change.

    Holiday Programme

    During school holidays the daily programme is suspended and replaced by a programme which includes children, parents and staff. The programme changes throughout the year and includes activities appropriate to the season.

    Typically we have activity groups in the morning and the afternoon, with children and parents/carers taking part in cookery, art, drama and music sessions, football and other sports. We also run 'mellow parenting' sessions to help with family relationships and behaviour management, and various off-site events ranging from coffee mornings at a local coffee house to trips to the cinema.

    The holiday programme provides an opportunity to work on family relationships, and to bring more enjoyment to family life. There is also a parenting programme for parents and carers to attend.

    Daytime activities at the Croft

    On every day except Friday children join one of the Croft groups:

    Art Group (Monday afternoon)
    Children spend time in the Art Room drawing, painting and making things. Examples of the children's work are displayed on walls throughout the Croft. This is a relaxed group which focuses on relationship building and creativity.

    Tuesday Group
    In this group we talk about how to stay safe and healthy, and take part in activities such as yoga, playing games, tasting different foods and doing experiments.

    Wednesday Group
    In this group we talk about our feelings and friendships, and about problems like bullying, anxiety and anger. The staff use games, activities and worksheets to help the children develop their emotional regulation and social skills.

    Recreation Group
    Every Thursday afternoon we have an activity group for children and parents/carers and we often take the children out. For example, we go swimming and ten-pin bowling, fly kites in the park, visit garden centres and an animal sanctuary. Sometimes we go to the supermarket to buy ingredients to cook. Parents and carers can take part in these activities.

    Late afternoon and evening activities

    From 3.30 pm the children spend time with their family. We ask all children and their parents/carers to make a plan for the evening - staff will help the child and family to do this in the first couple of days.

    Children and families can choose from a very wide range of activities. As well as watching TV and videos children can play electronic games, listen to music, play pool, read books, do jigsaws etc. The unit has Lego, Scalectrix, a doll’s house, dressing up clothes and much more. Activities are supervised where necessary

    Before dinner children can use the art room, soft room, music room, playroom, lounge or their own room to do activities or just relax. If the weather is good they can go outside in the playground or go for a walk with an adult.

    All children have to be in their bedroom by 8.30 pm and at 9 pm the night nurses come on duty.

    Parents and carers are in charge of their children at the end of the day programme each day but staff are available to give them support as and when needed.