Professional Services at The Croft

The Croft Child and Family Unit is a 12-bed unit providing in-patient psychiatric services for children aged 0-12 years and their families. We are the only provider of Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health services for children in the region. We are open five days a week (Monday to Friday). We also provide a day patient service to local children who do not require the in-patient facility. Most admissions are for a time limited period of six to eight weeks although some children will need a longer therapeutic admission.

The unit provides an assessment and treatment resource for children with complex developmental/psychiatric disorders or children presenting with severe emotional and behavioural problems. We also provide intensive support for parenting and parenting assessments if needed.

We usually admit children with their parent/carer and sometimes with other family members depending on family circumstances and clinical need. We encourage parents and other family members to participate in the programme as much as possible. Older children can stay on the unit on their own but this is usually after a period of time residing with a parent. We also provide a day patient service for children who live locally and do not require 24-hour treatment or observation.

The Croft is located on the Ida Darwin site at Fulbourn near Cambridge.