Coming to the Croft

Children are usually admitted to the Croft with a parent or carer and sometimes with other family members, too. This can be a huge undertaking for most families and we discuss it in detail during your initial appointment with us.

What is the normal stay at the Croft?

When a child comes to stay at the Croft it's usually for about eight weeks, although sometimes they stay a little longer. Most stay overnight during the week, usually with a parent, grandparent or carer, but everyone goes home at the weekend. Children occasionally stay on the unit alone but this is usually after a period of being with a parent and depends on the needs of the child and their age and maturity.

The day patient service is available to children who live within easy travelling distance and do not require 24-hour treatment or observation. Some families have a combination of day and inpatient care. We encourage parents and other family members to take an active part in the Croft programme as much as possible.

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