Advocacy: Giving the children a voice

This is Sian Williams the Croft Advocate.

The Croft’s advocacy service enables children, who sometimes cannot say what they think or how they feel, to be heard. We have an independent advocate from NYAS (the National Youth Advocacy Service), who is available to help with this process.

The role of advocates is to:

• Safeguard the rights of service users (i.e. patients, parents, carers and anyone else who uses NHS services)
• Empower service users to make informed decisions about their care and treatment and to take greater control over their lives
• Support service users to get their views heard
• Represent the views of service users as if they were their own if the service user wishes it
• Support service users in seeking resolution to issues which concern them
• Protect service users who are particularly vulnerable for reasons of their illness or lack of capacity to make informed decisions.
• Feed back issues raised by service users to those providing and commissioning services so that services can be constantly improved. You can contact the Advocate at They only provide direct services to children but they can help find advocacy services for parents if requested.

You can click hereto get our advocacy document

You can also contact NYAS

NYAS stands for National Youth Advocacy Service, but they are known simply as NYAS.

Their Advocates can support and listen to you if you feel your wishes and feelings are not being heard by your social worker, carers or anyone else involved in decisions about your care and welfare.

You can go to their website by clicking here
or you can call their Helpline: 0808 808 1001