Once parents or carers have agreed to a referral, we offer an initial meeting to discuss the child and their needs, and to explain what an admission would involve. Sometimes we arrange a home visit in order to find out more about the home environment.

An admission date is agreed as soon as possible and parents/carers often return to the Croft for further visit to discuss practical arrangements and to meet the key workers who will work with the child.

The Croft team, together with some parents who have used the service, have put together an information pack with detailed information about what happens at the Croft. Click here to download it.

Children are usually admitted to the Croft with a parent or carer and sometimes with other family members in addition. The child usually stays for about eight weeks, although sometimes the stay can be a little longer. Most stay overnight during the week, usually with a parent, grandparent or carer, but everyone goes home at the weekend. Children occasionally stay on the unit alone but this is usually after a period with a parent and depends on the needs of the child and their age and maturity. This would be discussed with the parent or carer beforehand.

The day patient service is available to children who live within easy travelling distance and do not require 24-hour treatment or observation. Some families have a combination of day and inpatient care.

We encourage all parents and other family members to take an active part in the Croft programme as much as possible.

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Care Plans

Croft staff work with families to understand the emotional or behaviour problems they are having with their child and to help find new ways to cope with the impact this is having on the whole family.

Having agreed a set of goals and the action to be taken, this is then recoded in the form of a care plan which is, in effect, an agreement between the family and the staff team at the Croft.