On every day except Friday you join one of the Croft groups, sometimes these groups change. Staff will keep you informed of the plan. Here's what you do in each of the groups:

Croftie loves to paint.

Art Group

Every Monday afternoon in the Art Group we make things and do some painting. Art group is good fun as you get the chance to use your imagination to make something nice.

Tuesday Group

In this group we talk about how to stay safe and healthy. We also do fun things like doing yoga, playing games, tasting different foods and doing experiments.

Wednesday Group

In this group we talk about our feelings and friendships, and about problems like bullying, anxiety and anger. We will talk with you about different ways to deal with these.

Croftie's making a splash!

Recreation Group

Every Thursday afternoon we go out to have some fun. For example, we go swimming, ten-pin bowling, flying kites in the park, visiting garden centres and an animal sanctuary. Sometimes we go to the supermarket to get some tasty ingredients to cook and then eat. Parents, carers and staff join in the fun too.

From 3.30 pm onwards

This is when you can spend time with your family. We ask all children and their familes to make a plan for the evening - staff can help you and your family to do this.

Croftie having some fun.

You can choose from a wide range of activities. This can include TV and videos you can play on the Nintendo Wii, listen to music, play pool, reading books, do jigsaws and play all sorts of games for all ages. There’s Lego, Scalextric, a doll’s house, dressing up clothes and much more. Your family and staff will be around to make sure your ok.

Before dinner you can use the art room, soft room, music room, playroom, lounge or your own room to do activities or relax. If the weather is nice you can go outside in the playground or go for a walk with an adult. All children have to be in their bed-room by 8.30 pm and at 9 pm the night nurses come on duty to look after everyone until the morning.